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Kuwait announces new visit visa rules, including 53 visa-on-arrival countries

Akhbrna 07 Feb 2024
Kuwait has declared its intention to recommence the issuance of visit visas for various purposes, including family visits, tourism, and commercial activities ... Effective Wednesday, February 7, the new visit visas come with specific prerequisites.

Kuwait reopens doors to expatriate families and tourists with visit visa

Gulf News 06 Feb 2024
The Ministry of Interior of Kuwait has announced it will resume the issuance of visit visas for family, commercial and tourism purposes under new regulations starting Wednesday ... Family visit visa conditions. ... Commercial Visa. ... Tourist Visa..

2 more countries joining Schengen area: Latest changes you need to know

Gulf News 05 Feb 2024
• A Schengen visa-holder can visit certain areas (Madeira, the Azores, and the Canary Islands (in the Atlantic Ocean), as well as San Marino, the Vatican, Monaco, and Andorra), but they cannot enter ...

Getting to America when a life depends on it!

The Manila Times 04 Feb 2024
... Filipinos getting tourist visas ... In fact, the citizens of just 41 countries are allowed visa-free entry to the US, including Andorra, Brunei, Estonia, Taiwan, and Singapore, but never the Philippines.

UAE unveils visa-free entry for numerous countries, streamlining travel

Al Khabar 19 Jan 2024
While citizens from 115 countries need pre-approved visas before entering the UAE, there is a considerable list of nations enjoying visa-free entry ... obtain entry visas valid for either 30 or 90 days.

UAE passport ranked 11th with access to 183 nations without visa

The Siasat Daily 12 Jan 2024
As per the recent report released by Henley Passport Index, UAE passport holders now enjoy visa-free access to 183 countries before their flights ... List of 183 countries where UAE citizens can travel visa-free ... Andorra.

The UAE introduces a 5-year discounted visa For this category of residents

Akhbrna 02 Jan 2024
The country of the Netherlands also provides a 5-year visit visa for residents, for a period of 30 days, which can be renewed after completion, if you are from the countries of (Andorra, Australia, ...

UAE visa-free country list: Where you can travel from and receive a visa on arrival

Time Out Dubai 29 Dec 2023
And, although citizens from 115 countries require pre-approved visas before arriving here, there are several nations on the UAE visa-free country list ... a visa or sponsor ... UAE visa-free country list.

For citizens and residents: Procedures for issuing a visa to visit America from the UAE

Akhbrna 23 Dec 2023
Are UAE citizens and residents required to apply for an American visa from the UAE? ... Andorra ... Types of American visa from the UAE.. There are two main categories of USA visas that you can apply for from Dubai. ... Steps to pay visa fees..

UAE: Announcing the countries that can be visited without a visa

Akhbrna 22 Dec 2023
The number of countries that do not require a visa in advance is 129, while the number of countries that require an electronic visa or a visa upon arrival at the airport is 51 ... Countries that the UAE passport can enter without a visa. ... Andorra.

Visa-free entry to US: Israel to join list of countries with the facility

The Siasat Daily 25 Sep 2023
Israel is likely to join the list of countries whose nationals enjoy visa-free entry to the United States (US) ... The US had withheld visa-free entry for Israeli nationals due to concerns about the treatment of Palestinian Americans ... Andorra.

Citizens of 82 countries can enter UAE without prior visa

The Siasat Daily 03 Sep 2023
In an effort to boost tourism and attract more visitors, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has announced that citizens from 82 countries can can now enter the UAE without a prior visa ... Andorra.

Notify new countries to benefit from exemption

The Cleveland American 07 Jun 2023
This June 6, 2023, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) Minister Sean Fraser will announce the visa waiver in Winnipeg, Manitoba ... However, as expected, IRCC Canada will add 13 countries to its list of visa-exempt countries.

Nationals from 164 countries can travel to Hong Kong without a visa

Gulf News 08 Mar 2023
Did you know that citizens from about 164 countries and territories can visit Hong Kong visa-free, to stay for anywhere between 14 to 180 days? Find out whether you are eligible for this policy and how long you can stay in Hong Kong ... Andorra.